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Throughout the year we will conduct a range of demand created transformational workshops which address the most common business challenges.

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Being business owners ourselves for over 30 years we understand from our own experience that business can sometimes be tough. The flip side is get it right, and business can allow you and your family to live an extraordinary life. Momentum was founded with the sole aim of helping business owners take control and grow a really profitable, exciting and extraordinary business…. that isn’t so reliant on them.

Kevin has simply changed my life. Together, we have focused on me as an individual. It is me that takes ownership for all activity within my business. He has enabled me to be the right person to lead my business. Kevin must take huge credit in taking my business to a new level. I look forward to working with him for many years to come.

Mathew Davies
MD of Happy Horse Bedding

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Throughout the year we host a range of events to help you take control of your business.

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This must have resource for Business owners of all experience levels. Inside you’ll discover how to take control and build a hugely successful business that will dramatically increase your income and freedom.

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Often a pain point that we’re experiencing in business is just a symptom and that can lead to many hours days weeks even months working on the wrong things to fix the pain because we never ever get to the root cause… In last couple of months I have spent a small fortune with an […]

Customers…I do love a good anagram, here’s one I put together yesterday

C…Can’t do business without them U…Understand your customers, who are your ABCD clients? A clients are Awesome they are great to do business with, they pay you on time and they are out there actively promoting you and your business B’s are Basic they have the traits of an A client but they only refer […]

Habits we’ve all got them right?

Let’s Talk About Habits… Good ones, bad ones, we all have them, right? Every quarter I and my clients review our habit… What do we need to START, STOP or CONTINUE…? It’s a great exercise and definitely worth the time… I use a Rhythm Register… What’s a Rhythm Register? A simple one page document where […]

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