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I have been extremely fortunate to have coached and mentored 100s of businesses in the last dozen years or so. During this journey, I have also presented over 150 Professional Business Seminars and Workshops.

Prior to moving into the fantastic world of business coaching, I had a varied and vibrant career. Firstly, travelling the world as a member or the Royal Navy, followed by 24-year career in the hospitality industry; starting with a bar in the back streets of Manchester and excelling to multi million pound hotels and restaurants throughout the UK. I believe my past has given me a unique perspective on what it takes to have the courage to start build and grow a successful business, throughout the many challenges that the journey will present.

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In fact, I have learnt that growing a successful business is really quite simple. It’s is a set of steps which, when followed, lead to success. The challenge is that those steps are performed by emotional beings and we all bring along our own bag of ‘emotional stuff’ that gets in the way of our success. That’s where coaching comes in and it’s the reason why it is so powerful.

I work with ambitious, passionate, positive, open minded people who are committed to taking control and growing a really profitable, exciting and extraordinary business.

When not working, I love spending time with my family; Sue (my wife/boss for the past 40+ years), our two fantastic children; Sharon (a highly successful teacher) and Joe (an IT Expert), our beautiful granddaughter, Eleanor…not forgetting, the family dogs (Koko the Labrador and Elsa the Heinz 57). I also admit, although somewhat quietly these days, to being a very keen Man Utd Fan.

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