Take control of your time

“You may delay but time will not”
Benjamin Franklin

Take Control of Your Time

Every day you are faced with a tsunami of texts, emails, interruptions, marketing ads, phone calls, tweets….

On top of that you still have the high pressure demands of your business. It can all prove to be exhausting, overwhelming and extremely stressful. This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to maximise their effectiveness.


• The time management myth
• The Power of Vision
• The 80/20 rule
• Planning your way to success
• Tools and techniques to help plan, prioritise and manage tasks effectively.

Time is our only finite resource and how we manage our time is of critical importance this workshop is for busy people who want to get more done – and still have the weekends off.

What you will gain

How to beat the clock and get more done.
Develop strategies to optimise your output
Learn to say NO and still achieve results.
Leave with a plan for success
Understand the value of your attention
All the tools, templates and strategies for your success

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