Take control of your marketing

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”

Tom Fishburne

Take Control of your Marketing

Fed up of wasting your hard-earned money on marketing that just doesn’t work?
Here is your opportunity to cure that problem once and for all.

Content includes:

• The single biggest mistake you can make when marketing – that will keep you stuck spending a fortune for little or no return.
• How to stop chasing the market ….Get your ideal customers chasing YOU.
• The Marketing Leverage System – A five step system for growing your profits.
• Innovative tactics to make your marketing stand out.
• Create and execute a marketing plan that gets the results you want and deserve.

Marketing your business is the start point for Growth … This event will give you the ideas, tools and inspiration to transform your marketing so that you get all the leads you can handle and not have to spend a fortune …

What you will gain

Guerrilla marketing techniques to stand out from the crowd
A reduction in your cost of acquisition
How to increase the lifetime value per customer
Knowledge on how to design all your marketing pieces
The structure of a 10 X 10 marketing plan
Tools and templates to ensure your success

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